Tootsie Toy articulated action version cars from the “Funnies Series” of 1932 & 1933 are rescued from the trash thanks to a trained eye!

Remember the day you came home from college to discover that your mother threw out all of your baseball cards that you so vigorously collected through the years? The sting still festers to this day knowing that several thousands of dollars were tossed and assumed to be junk or garbage.

John Vassel, Manager of J.A. Vassel Fine Collectibles, helped a recent client avoid the same mistake after discovering six Tootsie Toy cars that were destined for the trash. While inspecting a recent estate, Mr. Vassel knew they were Tootsie Toys, but unsure of the value until he did some research.

His research paid off for he and his client by finding that these cars were exceptionally rare and they were in excellent condition. The most expensive car was actually a toy boat featuring “Uncle Willie and Aunt Mamie” from the popular Moon Mullins comics of the 1920s and 1930s. The final selling price was $350.

Coming is a close second was Smitty’s motorcycle. Smitty was also a character from the Funnies series. It brought $300. Each of the four other cars brought $200. Needless to say, Mr. Vassel’s client was relieved not to have made a $1450 mistake by tossing these in the trash.

Old toys are one of the few collectibles that continue to maintain their value or increase as they become scarcer. Before throwing away or donating cast iron toys of any kind, it’s best to call a “trained eye” and have them researched. You could be throwing away a small fortune.

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